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Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview 7.0 Pdf 466

This study was approved by Yale Universitys institutional review board. After providing written informed consent, participants completed the MINI interview and study questionnaires. Providers were blinded to which of their patients had enrolled in the study. Providers in the parent study were trained on methods to screen patients for use of nicotine, alcohol, and illicit drugs (using the modified CAGE (cut down, annoyed, guilty, eye opener) 37 and Heaviness of Smoking Index 38 ) and how to use a brief motivational interviewing intervention; 36 they did not learn the MINI. Notably, during the period in which this study occurred, a decision support tool embedded in the EHR alerted physicians to assess their patients for nicotine use upon during the hospital stay and then guided nicotine treatment.

mini international neuropsychiatric interview 7.0 pdf 466

The MINI, 26 a semi-structured diagnostic interview that uses DSM-5 criteria, was used to assess the presence and number of substance use disorders. Age, race/ethnicity, education, and gender were identified through a self-reported demographic questionnaire. Participants also completed Heaviness of Smoking Index 38 and Addiction Severity Index 39 to assess severity of substance use. Measures of physical and mental health-related quality of life (SF-12) 40 and motivation (Motivation to Change Scale) 41 were also collected via participant self-report. A composite score was created from the average of the three motivation items. Length of stay for the current hospitalization was identified through the EHR.

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