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Buy Lamb Meat

We went out of our comfort zone and tried lamb for the first time tonight. Something we have been talking about for a while. This was hands down some of the best meat we have had. I will for sure be getting some more.

buy lamb meat

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We raise farm-fresh, high-quality lamb for every occasion. Our lamb is ethically and sustainably raised, prioritizing our animal's well-being while being considerate of the impact we are having on our land. Our products are carefully selected to ensure an overall positive eating experience for you.

The websites we have reviewed take special care to provide high-quality meat that is safe to eat. They use shipping methods that keep products cold during transit to prevent food-borne illness. These companies provide safety instructions for how to assess the quality of the product should shipping be delayed and will work with customers to issue store credit or a refund if the meat is determined unsafe upon arrival.

Fossil Farms, Wild Fork, and Broken Arrow Ranch are a few companies that sell wild game meat. Some specialize in meats such as bison and elk while others provide rarer game meats such as antelope, kangaroo, and wild boar. Most companies ship meats that are flash frozen. Minimum orders and shipping costs vary.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the importance of geographic origin and grazing system for Norwegian and Italian consumers' probability of buying lamb meat. The study consisted of a qualitative part with focus groups followed up with a quantitative survey in each country. Included in the survey was a conjoint design with origin of the meat (Norway, Italy and New Zealand) and pasture (lowland pasture and mountain pasture) as factors, plus questions about consumers' motives underlying selection of food. Results from the study shows that country of origin is important for consumers' buying probability of lamb meat, in both countries domestic meat was preferred. In addition, a higher probability of buying meat from lamb grazing on mountain pasture than from lamb grazing on lowland pasture was identified. It is important for producers of lamb meat to increase the communication of these elements in a competitive national and international food market.

Beck & Bulow offers pasture raised buffalo, beef, elk, wild boar, lamb, heritage pork, poultry, wild caught seafood and more. Come check out our butcher shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico or place an order for nationwide delivery.

Cheap imported lamb from New Zealand may be available all year round, but in season local lamb is hard to beat. In May and June lamb is at its most tender but as the season progresses the flavour develops. Spring lamb is fantastic for roasting simply with garlic and herbs, autumn lamb is great when given a spicier, more adventurous treatment (see below for examples).

Sheep thrive in a variety of climates and have been the principal meat source across North Africa and Eurasia for centuries. The Industrial Revolution sparked an increased demand for meat and led to the increased breeding of sheep for meat. We can now reap the reward of several generations of selective breeding for taste and texture; well-reared lamb today is likely to be better than any eaten at any time in the past.

Lambs are the offspring of the domestic sheep, ovis aries. Lambs are typically weaned to a diet of grass between the ages of 1 and 3 months and the consumption of grass adds flavour to lamb. The meat of older animals is properly referred to as hoggett (up to approximately two years old) and then mutton (the categorisation of the meat is often based on the farmer's judgement of its qualities rather than its exact age).

BUYINGBig supermarkets will source lamb from a number of different farms. Buying lamb from a good butcher's shop or farmers' market will give you the opportunity to ask about the source of the lamb, and then buy the same quality produce again if you like it. Look for firm, pinkish meat with creamy white fat.

STORINGLamb can be kept in the fridge for at least a couple of days - the larger the cut the longer the meat will keep. Freezing tends to have a drying effect on meat and so is best used for cuts that will be slow cooked in stews or casseroles, rather than dry-heat methods (grilling, roasting, frying).

PREPARINGThe cooking method will be dependent on the cut and recipe. Generally lamb benefits from slightly slower cooking with more moderate heat compared with beef. Trim excess external fat (or ask your butcher to do this) before use. Lamb cooked using dry-heat methods will be more flavourful if served slightly pink. Stews and casseroles will benefit from slow-cooking until no pink remains. When roasting larger cuts, allow the meat to stand for at least 15 minutes after cooking.

We think there has never been a better time to buy British, grass-fed, high-welfare lamb. It is well known that farming practices in Britain are, arguably, the best in the world, particularly when it comes to environmental protection and sustainability. Nutritionally, grass-fed lamb is a great source of conjugated linoleic acid (fatty acids high in Omega 6) rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Our grass-fed lamb is from small Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset family-run farms. One of these is owned by the Tucker family who have been farming at Marshals Elm for over three generations. James, his wife Nicky and young son Harry know a thing or two about producing top quality, grass-fed lamb using traditional farming methods handed down the generations.

With 350 acres of lush, open paddocks, the Tuckers rear free-range lambs from Suffolk cross ewes and rams that thrive on a natural diet of grass, wildflowers and clovers rich in essential vitamins and minerals, fertiliser and chemical free.

We all want to know where our meat comes from. By buying our locally-reared, grass-fed lamb, you are supporting great British farming and farmers like James who produce the best quality, traditionally reared lamb. You can choose from our wide range of grass-fed lamb cuts by going to All Lamb, Lamb Chops, Lamb Steaks, Lamb Joints, Everyday Lamb.

Reared in harmony with nature on small, family farms in Dorset and Wiltshire, our ethically sourced lamb is hung dry-aged for up to 14 days before it is hand-trimmed by our master butchers, to produce lean British lamb meat with a rich, sweet flavour.

Grass-fed lamb has a better ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6, is high in antioxidants such as vitamin E and contains higher vitamin and mineral levels than is found in animals reared through intensive farming methods.

Eating meat from animals raised on a natural diet of grass, wildflowers, clovers and legumes, rich in essential vitamins and minerals and untainted by chemicals and pesticides, is a healthy choice to make.

Every time you buy lamb online with us, you can be sure that you will receive only the highest quality grass-fed Dorset lamb. We deliver direct to your door in temperature-controlled boxes.

Our grass-fed British lamb is from small family-run farms. One of these is owned by the Tucker family, who have been farming at Marshals Elm for more than three generations. The Tuckers know a thing or two about producing top quality Dorset lamb, using traditional farming methods handed down through the generations.

With 350 acres of lush, open paddocks, the Tuckers rear free-range British lamb from Suffolk cross ewes and rams. These animals thrive on a natural diet of grass, wildflowers and clovers that are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and free from harmful chemicals.

One of these is owned by the Hinks family who have been farming at Lower Nyland in North Dorset since 1931 and know a thing or two about producing top quality lamb using traditional farming methods handed down the generations.

With 250 acres of lush, open paddocks, Caroline, Graham and their daughter Hilary rear free-range lambs from Texel and Suffolk cross ewes and rams that thrive on a natural diet of grass, wildflowers and clovers that are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and free from harmful chemicals.

Introducing our range of lamb meat for sale: including the most flavoursome lamb joints and the tastiest selection of cuts of British lamb you will ever buy. Every time you buy lamb online from us, you are buying lamb reared the same way, to the highest welfare standards. Our Dorset lamb is 100% grass-fed and can be ordered conveniently to your door.

For a twist on classic Sunday roast lamb, consider our butterflied, mint marinated leg of lamb, to which we have added our own mint marinade for easy preparation and cooking.Our dry-aged, mint marinated leg of lamb has also been de-boned and butterflied by our master butchers. It is high quality lamb for memorable family meals that packs a real wow factor.

Looking for an exciting new lamb joint to add to your next lamb meat delivery? We can highly recommend our exquisite cannon of lamb, a delicious and versatile cut that is hand-prepared by our master butchers.

Our supremely tender, boned and rolled shoulder of lamb is full of flavour and makes the perfect roasting joint. This lamb joint is hand-trimmed and tied by our master butcher to make carving easier. When you order lamb, this wonderful joint comes highly recommended.

Slow-cook these shoulder of lamb joints with lots of garlic, rosemary and olive oil, and the meat will just fall off the bone. Add water and white wine to the roasting tray and cover in foil while cooking, for pure Sunday roast perfection.

As ever, our dry-aged half leg of lamb is hand-trimmed and sourced from native breed flocks that have been purely grass-fed on small family farms in Dorset and Wiltshire. 041b061a72

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